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Proposed ballot measure would ask if California should join a national popular vote movement — but the state already did

Should California’s elected officials do everything in their power to make the country decide presidential elections by a national popular vote? A recently-introduced ballot measure asks just that, coming on the heels of the second presidential election since 2000 where

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Popular vote by 2020?

Though it means nothing for 2016, the 2020 presidential election may be decided by popular vote — or at least that’s the timeline given by one of the main proponents. As it stands now, there really is no national election for

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CA GOP stays neutral on new electoral-college initiative

  An initiative seeking to get on California’s November ballot likely would add 20 or more Electoral College votes to the Republican candidate’s tally in the 2016 presidential election. That’s more Electoral College votes than the battleground state of Ohio

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Voting Out the Electoral College

Creating over-reaching solutions for non-existent problems is what California legislators are good at. A textbook example of this is a bill awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature which would change the state’s Electoral College process. AB 459 passed in the Legislature in

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California Could Kill Electoral College

MAY 19, 2011 By KATY GRIMES Democrats are pushing a bill that, opponents say, could devastate the Republican Party in California. Yet several Republicans have signed on to the cause. The stated intent of the bill, AB 459, is to

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