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VIDEO: Republicans can be environmentalists, too

In a conversation with CalWatchdog.com Editor Brian Calle, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer discusses the importance of preserving the environment and why it should not be a partisan issue. During the interview, Mayor Faulconer highlights the environment as our quality

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Sac Bee ignores drug cartels in pot farming story

Instead of blowing the lid off of the growing pot-farming problem in some Northern California areas, the Sacramento Bee did a lightweight opinion story Sunday on Butte County, never once addressing the Mexican drug cartels behind many of the illegal pot

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Bill to ban plastic bags in California clears Senate committee

April 19, 2013 By Josephine Djuhana The war on plastic bags has returned with a vengeance, as legislators introduce new regulations that dictate what kinds of bags California shoppers are allowed to use when out shopping for groceries. SB 405,

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CEQA reforms blow political smog over state

Dec. 5, 2012 By Katy Grimes In the wee hours of the night, at the end of the last legislative session, language was added into a bill to push forward reforms to California’s 40-year old environmental policy, the California Environmental

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Water Board Dunks 'Animal Farm’ Policy

MARCH 24, 2011 By WAYNE LUSVARDI California policy makers are busy mandating wind and solar farms in its deserts. But along its coastline, the Water Quality Resources Control Board is busy enforcing inconsistent environmental policy right out of George Orwell’s

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