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Something good in CA: Fewer car inspections

Depending how old your car is, in California every couple of years you have to take it to get “smogged” before your license is renewed. It costs from $25 to $50. As government bureaucracies go in California, it’s relatively low

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Eric Peters details why we fear the police

My favorite car reviewer and auto guru is Eric Peters of EricPetersAutos.com. In a new article he aptly explains how cops have gone berserk against citizens. Eric Peters: If it is reasonable – justifiable – for a cop to base every interaction with

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Nutty CA Court Attacks Hybrid Cars

John Seiler: I’d rather walk that drive a hybrid car. After bourbon, the internal combustion engine is mankind’s greatest invention. All talk of oil “shortages” and too much “pollution” is just socialist blather used to destroy our freedoms. But some

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