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CA regulations hatch legal food fights

Have you noticed egg prices going up as much as 40 cents a dozen? Look to California voters. In 2008, they passed Proposition 2, which mandated more comfortable hatching quarters for chickens. Because of the cost to farmers of expanding chicken

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Is the Golden State the greenest and fairest of them all?

  How To Get Your Ex Back Over Text Is California the greenest and fairest state when it comes to clean fuel standard regulations? No on both counts, contended the Wall Street Journal in a recent editorial, “California’s Green Trade

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Der Arnold's "environmentalism" pose

John Seiler: Oct. 7, 2010 The key to understanding Der Arnold is that everything is a pose. From posing his steroid-pumped muscles before “bodybuilding” competitions to posing before a camera for an “action” movie to posing as a governor. Pose…pose…pose.

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Arnold's enviro scam

John Seiler: I’ve always thought Gov. Arnold’s embrace of extreme environmentalism, such as AB 32, was a scam to make him look good. Now we’re finally getting some facts to confirm that. From the L.A. Times: Reporting from Sacramento —

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