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Will 'trapped loans' snag Richmond's home scheme?

  phone spy software The City of Richmond's move to seize the loans of over-mortgaged homes can continue, U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer ruled this week. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the reason was because “he felt the

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AG Harris’ housing bubble lawsuits ignore what inflated bubble 6

Feb. 10, 2013 By Chris Reed California Attorney General Kamala Harris is among the many Americans of all political persuasions who are outraged that few are taking the fall for the grotesque irresponsibility that led to the housing bubble, its

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Backlash bill would block eminent domain for underwater mortgages 37

Sept. 14, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi Will Americans be protected from eminent domain abuses? Eminent domain is where the government takes someone’s property, usually for a government purpose, such as building a school or road. But sometimes eminent domain is

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Greens Want Energy Bubble Loans from CPUC 9

MARCH 30, 2012 By WAYNE LUSVARDI California is getting strapped for cash to continue to pay for subsidies for economically infeasible solar power and energy efficiency projects for homeowners and small businesses. So the Environmental Defense Fund has concocted a

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