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Proposed rules for self-driving cars draw heavy criticism from industry leaders

Hopes that California would emerge as the global center for what eventually could be a multitrillion-dollar industry — self-driving vehicles — have taken a step back. New proposed rules unveiled this month by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles drew sharp complaints

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DMV won’t unleash robocars on CA roads

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles has put the brakes on driverless cars. Although the agency’s new proposed regulations would technically allow new self-driving vehicles on Golden State streets, the strict regulations surrounding their use would all but foreclose the fully automated future envisioned

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Tax slave revolt against union tyranny spreads

Sept. 18, 2012 By John Seiler The problem with public-employee unions getting collective bargaining is that they then sit on both sides of the negotiating table. “This is our opportunity to elect our own bosses,” as union leader Ronda Walen

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