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More perks for our government masters

May 26, 2012 By Steven Greenhut Democrats and Republicans in the California Legislature have once again broadcast this troubling fact: they are far more concerned about the ever-expanding demands of a relatively small group of public sector union members than

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What govt. workers really think of their mammoth pay, perks, pleasures and pensions

April 5, 2012 By John Seiler Ever wonder what government workers think of their gigantic pay, perks, pleasures and pensions? All paid for by IRS-strangled taxpayers, of course. Wonder no more. A top-ranked government official has written this little ditty

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Shenanigans In CA Senate

Katy Grimes: California voters should be outraged. Thursday, the Senate Budget Committee Chairman, Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, moved 40 spot budget bills — empty bills awaiting bill language — from the budget committee to the Senate floor. This may

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UC Davis Fraud Sentencing

K. Lloyd Billingsley: On June 2, former UC Davis official Jennifer Beeman will be sentenced in an embezzlement case. Beeman pleaded no contest in Yolo Superior Court on April 14 to two felony counts of embezzlement and falsifying accounts. Neither

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Junket Queen Pelosi

John Seiler: As I wrote in a blog yesterday, California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker, cackled at President Obama’s joke about the TSA’s molestation pat-downs of innocent American citizens. Now we know why she thinks the joke was

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Savoring a target-rich environment

Jan. 5, 2010: Then there was the time I swiped a local city councilman’s trash. Another reporter and I were investigating him for all manner of crookedness (he was eventually convicted of felony corruption and banned for life from ever

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