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Luntz Warns Divided GOP on Taxes 0

MARCH 21, 2011 UPDATED 8:15 p.m. By KATY GRIMES As nearly 2,000 Republicans from around the state met in Sacramento over the weekend for the California Republican Party Convention, the elephant in every room was the divide within the party.

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A Texas-Sized Move for Carl's Jr.? 20

Katy Grimes: If everything really is bigger in Texas, then the departure of the Carl’s Jr. headquarters from California could be big, big, big news. Today, Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue hosted another of his monthly Economic Recovery Group lunch meetings

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Even Silicon Valley Ruined 0

John Seiler: The disastrous policies of federal, state and local governments have not spared even Silicon Valley. Sure, the top digital geeks still trek there. Companies like Facebook still locate there. But Facebook has only about 2,000 employees, many of

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I'm Not Flying! 0

John Seiler: Fortunately, California is such a beautiful state that there’s no reason to leave anyway, except to get a job. So I’m staying put until the fascist TSA stops treating passengers like concentration camp inmates. Here’s the latest: If

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S.F. cops shut down girl's lemonade stand 0

John Seiler: Just when you thought the Police State couldn’t get any worse, cops in San Francisco recently shut down a little girl’s stand selling lemonade and brownies. How un-American can you get. It’s like banning Mom and apple pie. Well,

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