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Another Reason to Boycott Government Motors

April 2, 2012 Last fall, Government Motors assaulted the John and Ken radio show by pulling ads from the show because the talk show hosts favored restricting immigration. I wrote it about it then. If Government Motors had been a

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A Little Fraud to Save the Earth?

MARCH 5, 2012 If the theory of man-made global warming were such a self-obvious truth, the result of scientific consensus, then why do its advocates keep committing fraud to advance it? Even more disturbing, why are some writers willing to

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Gleickgate Pollutes Enviro Movement

FEB. 24, 2012 By WAYNE LUSVARDI The environmental movement is suffering from a cluster of scandals. First there was Climategate. Then there was Climategate 2.0. Now, there’s Climategate 3.0 — also called “Gleickgate.” Climate activist Dr. Peter Gleick of the

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The Dark Side of Climate Activism

Feb. 23, 2012 Peter Gleick is a fraudster. The president and co-founder of the Oakland-based Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security confessed this week that he used a stolen identity to obtain internal documents from the Heartland

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