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Port strife ends — but damage was done

As mentioned in a Feb. 14 blog, the West Coast dock strife wasn’t likely to last long because of the new competition from Gulf Coast and Mexican ports. So now a new contract has been reached with dock workers. Yet any shipping

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Prop. 30: Why it hurts CA teams’ chances of signing LeBron James

NBA superduperstar LeBron James’ decision this week to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat has led to intense speculation over where the four-time regular-season MVP and two-time NBA Finals MVP might end up. The current conventional wisdom

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Why you need a gun…

Gun controllers insist that we disarm ourselves. That the police will “protect” us. Here’s the real world. In the placid and well off community of Orange Hills in Orange County: “robbers forced their way into a home and tied up

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Calif. gas prices more than double in 8 years

April 28, 2012 By John Seiler The following chart I made from GasBuddy.com, which also lets you find the cheapest local gas prices. The chart shows gas prices in three areas for the past eight years. Note that Los Angeles

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