Calif. gas prices more than double in 8 years

April 28, 2012

By John Seiler

The following chart I made from, which also lets you find the cheapest local gas prices. The chart shows gas prices in three areas for the past eight years. Note that Los Angeles (blue line) and San Francisco (orange line) usually have the same prices, with S.F. sometimes a little higher, reflecting the high taxes and extra regulations of the Pyrite State.

By contrast, Houston (green line) prices are markedly cheaper all along. True, Texas is an energy state. But so is California. We just restrict development and refining here because we are creating an eco-utopia in which everyone will drive cars powered by perpetual-motion machines to the High-Speed Rail system.

It’s too bad the chart doesn’t go back 13 years, to 1999, when gas gas 99 cents a gallon or less even in California.

Governments at all levels and the eco-elites want us out of our cars and into mass transit. The high prices punish people who want to live in the dreaded “sprawl” of the suburbs. Nice homes and cars are reserved nowadays for the governmental, bureaucratic and “1 percent” elite. Especially in California, the middle class is being destroyed by taxes, regulations and artificially high energy prices.



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