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Proposed bill seeks to recoup costs of special elections

An assemblyman will soon introduce legislation aimed at curbing the cost to taxpayers when a legislator retires from their position early, forcing a special election — but it may stop short of recouping costs in other instances. The bill would require legislators —

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Lawmakers dismiss efforts to protect property rights from high-speed rail

State lawmakers are forcing property owners “all aboard” the state’s high-speed rail project – whether they like it or not. This month, two state legislative panels blocked efforts by Central Valley Republican lawmakers to guarantee the property rights of those

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Accusations fly over volatile CA gas prices

In an unusual exercise of power, California lawmakers in the state Senate launched a preliminary probe into the recent spike in Golden State gas prices. Although the numbers have dipped back down, and a big refinery explosion last month sidelined some

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Analysis: Which proposed bills help, hinder, small businesses

Among the approximately 2,000 bills considered in the California Legislature this year, many affect small businesses. Here’s the analysis of four by the National Federation of Independent Business California: Assembly Bill 23 and Senate Bill 5, the Affordable Gas Tax for Families

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