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In Long Beach, taxis to copy the Uber approach

The arrival of Uber and Lyft has had a radical effect on surface transportation and seems likely to lead to a big downsizing of the taxi industry in California. In city after city, taxi lobbyists have fought to shut down

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Faulconer election won’t stop ‘Los Angelization’ of San Diego politics

On Tuesday, San Diego voters will decide between two City Council members in a special election to fill the remaining 33 months of the mayoral term of disgraced, resigned Bob Filner. The early conventional wisdom was that the clear favorite

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Boeing plant closure cuts 2,000 jobs

Boeing, citing shrinking military budgets, announced last week plans to shutter a massive Southern California jet assembly plant and lay off nearly 3,000 workers. Boeing had owned the Long Beach plant since 1997, and it has been a major employer

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Skyscraper Goes Up in 15 Days

MARCH 16, 2012 Fifteen days. That’s how long it took developer Broad Sustainable Building to complete construction of a 30-story hotel. The near-miraculous feat has been attributed to a couple timesavers: The hotel’s foundation was laid out ahead of its

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Redevelopment is Prop. 13 in Reverse

JUNE 28, 2011 by WAYNE LUSVARDI To California redevelopment advocates, the policy brings the Midas touch to cities, turning everything into gold for the Golden State. Redevelopment fans point to all the beautiful new malls, restored Old Town business districts, industrial

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