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CalWatchdog Morning Read – December 12

How Obamacare repeals would affect some Californians Which way to go for CA GOP $340-million turf-rebate program in SoCal mismanaged AG/Law enforcement to track race stats in traffic, street stops NorCal rain fighting drought, uncertainty lingers Good morning. Happy Monday.

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Prop. 26 wins San Diego water war

  Remember Proposition 26, the Stop Hidden Taxes Initiative, passed by 52.5 percent of California’s voters in 2010?  Probably no one who voted at that time had any idea Prop. 26 would help resolve — at least for now — the 68-year

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How would BART’s dishonesty, profligacy play in private sector?

Two classic California outrages are captured perfectly in Dan Borenstein’s appalling Conra Costa Times commentary over the weekend about how Bay Area Rapid Transit officials grossly misled the media on terms of their recent strike-ending labor deal. The first is

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