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CA journo fracking dissembler No. 1: Timm Herdt

June 27, 2013 By Chris Reed As I have noted many times in recent months, the Obama administration dismisses claims that hydraulic fracturing — the use of underground water cannons to free up oil and natural gas reserves — is

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In his own words: Gov. Brown on fracking

May 19, 2013 By Chris Reed As I’ve written about repeatedly, the California media simply refuse to break away from the green narrative that fracking is new, dangerous and potentially catastrophic. All three assertions are belied by 60-plus years of

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Obama interior secretary shreds fracking foes — LAT omits

May 18, 2013 By Chris Reed Say what you will about The New York Times, but at least it’s not in denial about fracking the way The Los Angeles Times is. Friday’s LAT coverage of new U.S. Interior Department rules

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Wall Street doubts CA shale hype — but not Occidental

April 11, 2013 By Chris Reed Bloomberg News, which is doing an increasingly good job covering California of late, had an important article Wednesday about likely problems in developing the Golden State’s massive shale reserves. Those reserves could transform the

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CA wants oil taxes without oil

March 12, 2013 By John Seiler Steven Greenhut, whose column we run, has written an amusing article in Bloomberg about how Californians want oil tax money, but not the oil: “The only thing California’s environmentally friendly Democratic legislators prefer to regulating

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