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Lugar loses, Tea Party wins

Commentary May 9, 2012 By John Seiler Back during the People Power Revolution in the Philippines in 1986, which kicked dictator Ferdinand Marcos out of power, one U.S. Senator who played a role by flying to the country was Richard

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Job Lies: When Will ‘Green’ = ‘Dishonest’? 7

MARCH 26, 2012 By CHRIS REED Just as red and blue have become associated with Republicans and Democrats, respectively, because of Election Night maps, will green someday become a synonym for fraud and dishonesty? After listening to Gov. Jerry Brown’s

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L.A. Times’ Annoying Gatekeeping 0

John Seiler: I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times’ Sunday edition. So I get access to their online edition without paying more. But it’s annoying. I have virus programs that reglarly get rid of the cookies that retain my log-on

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L.A. Times Attempting Suicide 22

Commentary MARCH 5, 2012 By JOHN SEILER Today the Los Angeles Times is charging for visiting its site online. This is a suicide attempt that will severely damage the paper. Its parent company, Tribune Co., long has been in bankruptcy,

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