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Declare war on lawsuit abuse 18

Feb. 12, 2013 By Joseph Perkins Inmate lawsuits have become a cottage industry here in California. The Associated Press reports that such litigation has cost the state’s taxpayers more than $200 million over the past 15 years. Gov. Jerry Brown

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Prop 37: Right to know or right to sue? 6

Nov. 1, 2012 By Dave Roberts Proposition 37 has been touted as a simple measure that provides consumers with the right to know what is in the food they buy at grocery stores. It requires that all products containing ingredients

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37 Is the new 65: A field day for trial lawyers

Commentary Sept. 19, 2012 By Laer Pearce The warm, caring hands of government are poised to protect us once again.  Just like how California started protecting us in 1986 from chemicals it knew, in its wisdom, could cause cancer, birth

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California exports regulations worldwide 0

(Editor’s Note: The first part in a two-part series on how California’s regulations affect the global economy.) July 26, 2012 By John Hrabe Regulations are killing California’s global competitiveness. Or, so you’ve heard from policymakers left, right and center. “Our

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