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Profiting from stem-cell public-private partnership

While governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger loved to tout “public-private partnerships”; another phrase for which is “crony capitalism.” One such partnership he backed was Proposition 71 back in 2004, which allocated $3 billion to fund stem-cell research. Except that, with interest, the

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Calif. stem cell research discovers white elephant

May 4, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi  Now that stem cells have become obsolete, can California’s entrenched stem-cell research bureaucracy be phased out?  Or will it continue as a white elephant as the state’s budget deficit problems worsen?  Last week it

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Cap and ‘Train’ Leaves the Station

JAN. 31, 2012 By WAYNE LUSVARDI Gov. Jerry Brown just proposed a new idea for financing California’s $100 billion high-speed rail project: Use the fees from the state’s Cap and Trade emission taxation program to fund it. This new hybrid

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New Stem Cell Boss Grabs $400K Salary

JULY 11, 2011 By WAYNE LUSVARDI People are upset. The Los Angeles Times reported that the new chairman California stem cell research center, Jonathan Thomas — an investment banker — will draw a salary of more than $400,000 per year.  Current Chairman

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Stem Cell Boondoggle Seeks New Boss

JUNE 20, 2011 By K. LLOYD BILLINGSLEY The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the state stem-cell agency, is looking for a new boss. The quest for a new leader, and possibly more public money, has shifted attention from CIRM’s

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Silicon Valley Flunks 6 'Killer App' Tests

MARCH 14, 2011 BY WAYNE LUSVARDI Last month with Silicon Valley elites, President Obama raised a glass of wine to toast the area’s success. He was repairing his self-damaged image with big business. But a symbolic Sword of Damocles hovered

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