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Feds fluster Brown on Delta pump plan

Gov. Jerry Brown suffered another setback in his effort to gain the upper hand over California’s persistent drought. New details on alterations to his massive pumping plan, which would change the way the Delta region distributes the water that flows

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Environmentalists face blame for drought

As California’s potent drought inspired soul searching from analysts worried the Golden State can’t grow without water, politicians and officials focused on a more immediate task: laying blame for the problem. Gov. Jerry Brown has tried to set a philosophical tone, cautioning that

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Central Valley farm drought disaster might have been mitigated

The ongoing 100-year drought didn’t have to be a disaster for California farmers. The tragedy could have been predicted — and was. A little-known 2008 study by four graduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara warned that farmers first

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Boehner crosses Rubicon in CA drought war

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar and his army crossed the Rubicon River in Italy and triggered a civil war. Thereafter, the term “crossing the Rubicon” has meant a limit that, when passed, permits no return and an irrevocable commitment. Speaker

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