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Anti-nuke activists attack San Onofre

June 29, 2012 By Joseph Perkins With San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station offline since January, Southern California Edison, the plant’s majority owner, launched an energy conservation campaign this week urging its customers to save power this summer. San Onofre’s two

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Banning Nukes: $4 Billion CA Budget Hit

JUNE 1, 2011 By JOSEPH PERKINS It’s been 22 years since Rancho Seco nuclear power plant generated its last megawatt. The facility, 25 miles southeast of downtown Sacramento, was the casualty of a public referendum in which a majority of

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End of Nuke Power in CA, America

John Seiler: One solution to California’s need for electricity would have been to construct more nuclear power plants. Doing so also would have helped the state meet the requirements of AB 32 to reduce greenhouse gases. Nuke plants don’ t

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