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Credibility crisis comes as PUC faces tough decisions

The recent series of scandals involving the California Public Utiities Commission hang like a pall over the regulatory agency. Recently deposed PUC President Michael Peevey’s swapping of favors with Pacific Gas & Electric and his surreptitious work with Southern California

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Solar power causing problems with electricity grid

One theme CalWatchdog.com has covered is how solar power can cause problems to the state’s existing electricity grid. An investigation a year ago found: An emerging problem with California’s new green power grid is the need to ramp up enough conventional power

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San Onofre follies: The man-made power shortage

Was the San Onofre nuclear plant shut down because problems with its generator systems were so severe that it posed a risk to the 20 million people in Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside counties? Or was the nuclear

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Will blackouts darken Calif. this summer?

May 1, 2012 By Wayne Lusvardi California could be headed into another “perfect storm” of coincidental events that may result in an electricity shortage during the hot months of July, August and September. San Diego Gas & Electric is reported

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