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Tax subsidies hurting CA

You might think individual tax subsidies, such as the film credit for Hollywood that just was tripled to $330 million, would help California. After all, they cut the taxes of some companies. Certainly, they help those individual companies. But unless spending

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Hollywood seeks more taxpayer subsidies 0

May 23, 2012 By Joseph Perkins The California Film Commission is holding a lottery next week for filmmakers and television producers. The lucky winners will share $100 million worth of taxpayer subsidies. It’s part of the state’s three-year-old Film and

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In Sacto, NPR Still Attacking Reagan 0

K. Lloyd Billingsley: Capital Public Radio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Public Radio, is conducting a record drive, urging listeners to bring in — think “donate” — old albums, records, compact discs and so forth. These could include such items

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Kick the NFL through the goalposts of California 0

John Seiler: Oct. 6, 2010 At a time when governments and citizens of California are bankrupt, the NFL could build at least one incredibly expensive stadium in the Bay Area: $735 million for the Oakland Raiders (formerly the L.A. Traitors).

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