Kick the NFL through the goalposts of California

John Seiler:
Oct. 6, 2010

At a time when governments and citizens of California are bankrupt, the NFL could build at least one incredibly expensive stadium in the Bay Area: $735 million for the Oakland Raiders (formerly the L.A. Traitors). And $937 million for the San Francisco (gold-digging) 49ers.

The 49ers stadium would be paid with a lot of tax money. Tax dollars likely would be needed for an Oakland stadium, too. Even though Oakland still is paying off the debt on its existing stadium, the Coliseum!

Oh, and let’s remember that 20 years ago the Raiders ripped off the City of Irwindale for $10 million — just for considering moving to the city, which the team didn’t!

Here’s a better idea: Tell these teams to take a hike out of the state.

Southern California lost the Raiders and the Rams more than a decade ago. We don’t miss them. Who needs these tax-sucking parasites? If you want to watch the NFL, turn on the TV on Sunday and Monday.

Let the Raiders and 49ers go to another state. They’ve raided our tax dollars enough.

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