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Sacramento seeks central taxi regulations

  The latest battle in California’s ongoing legislative and regulatory war over ridesharing services has shifted to new ground, as livery supporters rallied to pass a new bill concentrating decision-making in state hands. Although car companies based in San Francisco would be spared

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After industry compromise, lawmaker pursues more ride-sharing regulations

Just four months after a new state law on ride-sharing took effect, California lawmakers are once again considering more regulations on the thriving industry that has made it easier to get around town. Today, the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee is

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Ridesharing foe takes ‘a few bucks’ from taxis

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz is one of the state’s biggest opponents of ridesharing, the relatively new service provided by such companies as Uber, SideCar and Lyft. He’s also a leading recipient of campaign contributions from the taxi industry. During a

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CA editorial boards cool to anti-Uber power play

The editorial pages of the state’s largest newspapers largely agree about Tom Torlakson’s being undeserving of a second term as state superintendent of public instruction. Given the breadth of ideological views among these papers, that’s pretty rate. Now, rarely enough,

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Uber nabs Apple exec

On July 4 on our site, James Poulos wrote about Uber and other ride-sharing companies’ battles with some existing taxi companies over insurance. Steven Greenhut also wrote about it in the U-T San Diego. However that turns out, Uber almost certainly is

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PUC seems to OK ride-sharing

There’s a good chance they’ll mess it up in the end. But the Public Utilities Commission so far seems to be OK’ing the new ride-sharing systems that are based on cell phones. The Chronicle wrote: “The new wave of online-enabled

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