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Technology-related bills struggled during recent legislative session

  SACRAMENTO – California’s leaders often point to the burgeoning high-tech industry as evidence of the state’s strong, future-oriented economy. The industry’s ongoing success helps Democrats rebut arguments from conservatives who say that California isn’t particularly business friendly. But despite

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Smartphone kill-switch mandate takes effect

On Wednesday, legislation requiring kill-switch technology for all smartphones sold in California took effect. Senate Bill 962 requires companies to embed specific kill switches in smartphones at the point of sale; the bill was passed by the Legislature and approved

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Rand Paul debuts Silicon Valley office

After much talk and anticipation, Rand Paul’s presidential campaign has settled on the office space from where he hopes to strike gold with Silicon Valley. Paul “faced a high-energy, high-tech crowd in San Francisco Saturday,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “But

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Only in CA: Mandating ‘smart guns’ in future with bill now

March 22, 2013 By Josephine Djuhana “Owner-authorized” firearm technology. Biometric scanners. Guns with palm print readers that don’t go off unless the hand on the pistol grip had proper clearance. Sounds like something out of a James Bond movie —

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