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Bill could make it easier to increase transportation taxes

A bill that a taxpayer group is calling an attack on Proposition 13 and which the California Chamber of Commerce has dubbed a “job killer,” was approved by the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee last week. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4

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Referendums on passed legislation gain steam

Referendums on legislative actions may be making a comeback in California. Earlier this week, opponents of Senate Bill 277, the mandatory vaccination measure, began their quest to refer that legislative action to the voters for the November 2016 election. Already

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SCOTUS affirms power of initiative in redistricting case

The people can serve as legislators. In a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court declared that an initiative by the voters to create a commission in Arizona to draw congressional districts was constitutional. California established a similar commission in

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Initiative filing fee hike moves closer to approval

A proposal to make it more expensive to file a ballot measure in California is moving closer to becoming law, worrying both liberal and conservative groups that frequently utilize the initiative process. Democratic Assemblymen Evan Low of Campbell and Richard Bloom of Santa Monica have

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