Arnold's top achievement

Gov. Arnold’s more than six years in office have been pretty dismal. He never “blew up the boxes” of government waste, as he promised. He never came close to solving the state’s endemic budget deficits.

But there’s one area where he certainly achieved:

Alec Baldwin fears Arnold Schwarzenegger has wrecked his chances of becoming a politician – because of the mistakes he has made as California’s Governor.

Baldwin, a fervent Democrat, has dabbled with politics in the past and once suggested he’d consider a run for office once his contract on TV show 30 Rock ended in 2011.

But he thinks Republican Schwarzenegger’s errors have made it impossible for a celebrity to be taken seriously as a politician.

He says, “I’m sure Schwarzenegger, because he’s been so unsuccessful, has pretty much ruined running for office for everybody in my business for the time being.”

– John Seiler

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 12 January, 2010, 11:49

    Here’s a tune by Randy Newman that sums up Arnold’s career as governor:

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