AB 32 Poll To Be Released Today

Later today a poll will be released demonstrating that a large majority of Californians want AB 32 suspended.

The consequences of AB 32 have been vociferously addressed by Assembly Member Dan Logue, R, Marysville. Logue has been a staunch advocate of suspending AB 32, titled the Global Warming Solutions Act, effectively making it California’s cap and trade bill. Logue formed The California Jobs Initiative, a measure that suspends AB32 until California’s unemployment rate is once again under 5.5 percent.

In an op ed last month, Assembly member Logue wrote, “AB 32 gives the California Air Resources Board (CARB) the power to enact draconian emissions standards on California vehicles and businesses.”

What’s has not been addressed in the media is that AB 32 affects more than just California businesses. Within five years, nearly every aspect of Californians’ lives could be affected by this bill: homes, cars, the number of family members allowed, how much air pressure you have in your car’s tires, agriculture and cattle, energy production, even residential air conditioning and heating. Fines of $200 per tire will even be issued for under-inflated auto tires.

Implementation of AB 32 will not be handled by elected officials; appointees will be in charge of implementation, setting the fine structure, and all appeals go before the same appointees.

You can read Logue’s op ed on The Flash ReportTHE JOBS INITIATIVE: SUSPEND AB 32

More to come…

-Katy Grimes

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