Interview With A Candidate

I just finished an interesting interview with California’s Insurance Commissioner and candidate for Governor, Steve Poizner.

Among the topics of discussion were his plans for immediate economic relief for the state upon taking office, how to permanently cut the size of state government, freeze government spending immediately, relieve the tax and regulatory burdens on businesses and individuals, and even the event that made him decide to run for governor.

Without hesitation, Poizner used the word “Conservative” when describing his core values, and how they will translate to the Governor’s office and state government.

Is his plan ambitious? Most definitely. Did I simply hear campaign rhetoric? No, because I asked for more than his standard game plan which anyone can read on his campaign website. I wanted the details in how exactly he will immediately implement the proposed dramatic changes.

Is economic relief possible before the end of the next decade for Californians? Poizner thinks so and plans to use all of the powers bestowed on the governor of California.

Stay tuned: I am preparing the entire interview for Cal Watchdog publication. I’ll also be attempting to interview the other gubernatorial candidates.

-Katy Grimes

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