No cussing? Hell yeah!

As if we needed more evidence as to why the latest Field Poll shows a scant 16 percent approval rating for the California State Legislature, we have ACR 112, a new bill before the Assembly that would, I kid you not, “designate the first week of March of each year as Cuss Free Week” (click here for the bill’s status and here for the text).

Assembly Members Anthony Portantino (D, Pasadena) and Cameron Smyth (R, Santa Clarita) are the brave souls who are sponsoring this particular piece of legislation, which, true to name, literally calls upon residents to stop swearing for seven straight days in March. We’re going to quote a bit from the bill, but anyone exhibiting weak tolerances for nonsense, outright waste and condescension should read with caution:

“WHEREAS, The No Cussing Challeng encourages members of offices, homes, and schools to place money in a jar with a custom-made label available from their Internet Web site,, when foul language is used and donate collected funds to charity. This practice not only helps raise awareness of our wide use of negative language and how it affects our spirits, but inspires redeemable actions that benefit charities and nonprofit social programs;”

“WHEREAS, The California Legislature invites the people of this state to take the No Cussing Challenge each year during the first of March to improve our relationships, to set a tone of harmony and connectedness in our communities, and to inspire ourselves to higher endeavors;”

Seriously, go visit Go right now. Look at the photos of Kevin Bacon, Hulk Hogan and “Rudy from the movie Rudy.” Look at the E-store, offering No Cussing books, DVDs and posters featuring “G-rated substitutes for cuss words” like “Barnacles!”, “Sassafrass!” and “Oh, Pickles!”

Look at all these things, and then try not to swear at our wonderful state Legislature. Now that’s a challenge.

-Anthony Pignataro

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