No Cussing Zone

Assembly members Anthony Portantino and Cameron Smyth will be discussing ACR 112 today, the resolution that will designate the first week in March as a “cuss-free week”. The purpose according to language in the resolution is “to set a tone of harmony and connectedness in our communities, and to inspire ourselves to higher endeavors.” Let’s hope there is no cussing when parents hear that explanation.

McKay Hatch, the teen who first implemented the idea at a Pasadena junior high school, created a website as well and the idea spread to clubs and churches worldwide.

So why the need for legislation?

The No Cussing Club™ has 35,ooo members and a blazing sign across the webpage that asks, “Ya Wanna Hang With Us? Don’t Cuss!”

Announcing a “Cuss Free Week”  and a “No cussing challenge” should be up to the individual schools and driven by the students, not the  job of the nanny-state legislature.

In my office, we toss a quarter in a jar whenever someone lets an expletive fly. Isn’t that enough?

– Katy Grimes

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  1. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 25 February, 2010, 08:28

    I can’t believe the assembly wants to waste time on such nonesense. Hasn’t anybody told them that our state has very real and urgent problems?

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