Business as usual

Steven Greenhut: The Capitol is a ghost town today for obvious reasons, as legislators head out to celebrate the 4th of July (with few of them thinking about how their policies more closely resemble those promoted by the oppressive Brits than the American revolutionaries). Despite rumors of a looming budget deal, few observers expect any such thing before early fall. The Dems know that Republican leaders are (thankfully) holding firm on new taxes and the Dems refuse to cut the government back down to size. SEIU mobs can be counted on to stage regular protests, such as the one last week where the state SEIU leader declared that “We are California!” In the view of the majority party, that’s no doubt true, but it’s a sad day when government officials ARE the state.

Expect months of posturing and soundbites. Even left-wing union Democrat Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento is considered too moderate for the union throngs, who want nothing more than massive tax increases to prop up their pay and benefits. It’s all about them, except during their campaign ads — when they portray themselves as public spirited doers of the public good.

Stay tuned.

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