'Let them eat pie!'

Laura Sucheski: Democrats and Republicans made heavy use of baking-related analogies to the budget crisis today at the Capitol.   Republicans suggested Dem budget plans are half-baked ideas and decided to present them with an Easy-Bake oven to reheat those raw spots.   Democrats claimed Republican budget proposals were as unsatisfying as offering someone a pie without any filling.   No word on where the mysterious pie-filling source is located. We’re not allowed to borrow filling from the future or sell bonds to buy filling. There isn’t enough economic growth to even make our own filling.  I hope they figure it out soon: the people are getting hungry.

Democrats hastily called a bake sale to counter a Republican press conference that declared Dem budget proposals "half-baked."

Empty pie shells represent Republicans' plan to cut jobs (guvmint jobs of course). Of course, everyone preferred the pies filled with chocolatey budgety goodness.

Pie and Health Care for All

Afterward, those from the pie party rushed the Republican press conference.

The Capitol police reminded pie eaters to back away from the novelty oven and the Republican, Mark Standriff.

The mounted police were called in for backup.

Rob Griffith with the CRP receives glares of contempt for supposedly "not taxing oil."

Representative from the Speaker: "We don't accept gifts."

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