First CalWatchdog Caption Contest!

We have been rendered speechless.

Words escape us.

Help CalWatchdog caption this photo of our colleagues, taken in the CalWatchdog newsroom today.

Add your caption ideas in the comments section, and win a gift package from CalWatchdog.

caption contest

Lance Izumi and Steve Greenhut - your caption here!

– Katy Grimes

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  1. Steven Greenhut
    Steven Greenhut 29 July, 2010, 08:49

    Come on, Lanzi, let’s head down to the track and win us some beer and cigar money for the weekend.

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  2. Jon Fleischman
    Jon Fleischman 29 July, 2010, 08:53

    Izumi: “Why does Greenhut keep making people put on this silly tie and coat, and posing for photos? No wonder Sally stopped coming to our office.”

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  3. Anthony Pignataro
    Anthony Pignataro 29 July, 2010, 09:47

    “Not sure about the one on the left, but I think the guy on the right is wearing my old couch.”

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  4. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 29 July, 2010, 10:17

    My eyes! My eyes! OMG!

    I’m suing!

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  5. Meg
    Meg 29 July, 2010, 13:05

    Two wild and crazy guys…

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  6. Meg
    Meg 29 July, 2010, 15:40

    Mad Men?

    Don’t drink and dress.

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  7. Kevin Lurz
    Kevin Lurz 29 July, 2010, 17:45

    Cal Watchdog’s fashion-blog failed miserably, but understandably.

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  8. Mike Spence
    Mike Spence 30 July, 2010, 10:32

    The problem with libertarians. Anything goes. At least they aren’t wearing kilts.

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  9. AJ Kelly
    AJ Kelly 30 July, 2010, 13:59

    BP’s new PR team?

    I didn’t know Ringling Brothers was in town. 

    Even clowns get sentenced to community service hours. 

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  10. Steven Greenhut
    Steven Greenhut 30 July, 2010, 16:54

    Funny thing is, Mike, Lance actually got married in Scotland wearing a kilt. I am not making that up. But, then again, he’s a conservative … so go figure what that means. 🙂

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  11. Tony Lusich
    Tony Lusich 31 July, 2010, 11:46

    Isn’t this how Mitch Ackerman dresses?

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  12. Michael
    Michael 5 August, 2010, 22:35

    This casual Friday is off the hook….paaaarrrrty!

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