Arnold sez drink your water!

Arnold sez drink your water!

Anthony Pignataro: Ever get the idea government officials will do something, anything, except their jobs? I couldn’t help but feel that after reading this press release the governor’s office sent out yesterday. Titled “Gov. Schwarzenegger Urges Californians to Prepare for Hot Weather,” it basically just says things your mother used to tell you about the importance of not dying of heat stroke.

“Though this summer has been unusually mild, temperatures in many areas of the state are predicted to rise over 100 degrees this week, and everyone should take proper precautions to avoid heat-related illness,” Schwarzenegger says in the release. “With just a few simple steps, such as drinking an adequate amount of water, staying indoors during the hottest times of the day and pacing yourself when outside, we can all keep cool and safely enjoy the outdoors during hot weather.”

In addition to our esteemed governor, two other officials — California Emergency Management Agency Secretary Matthew Bettenhausen and Department of Public Health Director Dr. Mark Horton make cameo appearances in the release to tell us to “update family emergency plans” and to check on those who have “special needs.”

Do these guys have nothing better to do? Are their respective departments running so smoothly that they can take time out to attach their names to press release telling California residents to be careful in hot weather? Or are they merely desperate to have their name attached to something so utterly non-controversial?

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator.

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