San Diego mayor’s latest escapade borders on extortion

June 18, 2013

By Chris Reed

Sideshow.Bob.FilnerThe bullying behavior that has characterized Bob Filner his entire political career has taken on a new and uglier tone since the 20-year Democratic congressman was elected mayor of San Diego in November. He’s ostracized City Attorney Jan Goldsmith for Goldsmith’s attempts to get him to follow the law, including the spectacle of him trying to get Goldsmith’s top deputy fired for daring to disagree with him on a legal question. (Filner is not a lawyer.) Now according to a TV report, the mayor is using his official powers to bully a developer:

“SAN DIEGO – San Diego Mayor Bob Filner says money the city received from a developer was a ‘donation,’ but it was not the reason why he flip-flopped on his veto of the project.

“‘We asked them, and they volunteered to contribute to certain projects that mean something to the city, and so we think that they understood that they have to give back and not just take and that was the whole purpose of the veto to begin with,'” Filner told 10News reporter Allison Ash.

“Filner was opposed to city council’s decision to grant the apartment complex in Kearny Mesa an extra 9-foot easement. Last week, his chief of staff told council there was no compensation for the easement.

“‘Money exchanges hands and then he goes away from his veto,’ said Councilman Scott Sherman, who takes issue with the tactics being used by the mayor. ‘If it was really a shake-down of a developer, then I don’t really care where the shake-down money goes for or what the purpose is. It seems to me that things could be worked between the city and the developer in a much more business-like fashion than threats.'”

Mayor on city permits: ‘You don’t get free things’

Sherman makes a key point. A government’s role should be ministerial. But Filner doesn’t agree, according to 10 News San Diego:

“When Filner was asked whether he was extorting money from developers, this is what he said: ‘That’s a ridiculous word. What we’re trying to do is make sure that people that get things from the city understand that they also have to give things back. You don’t get free things.’

“City Hall insiders say the two checks totaling $100,000 will go to Filner’s pet projects, including bike paths and veterans’ issues.  When asked about whether the donations passed the ‘smell test,’ Filner mentioned one such project.

“‘I think the veterans who are going to look at a new monument to their sacrifices smell it a little differently,’ Filner responded.”

It may not be extortion, but it sure isn’t kosher

But is this OK? Jan Goldsmith has his doubts.

“The City Attorney issued a memo on the issue in part it reads, ‘If the $100,000 was consideration for interests in real property—the easements, both the San Diego Charter and the San Diego Municipal Code set forth various requirements regarding the sale of City property, which have not been met at this time. If the $100,000 was a donation, the funds may be deposited into the General Fund.’

No one should expect Filner to stop doing things like this. He is so wrapped up in the idea that he is a good guy crusading for justice that he doesn’t think laws or ethical standards matter. That he thinks he’s noble while being such a relentless bully should be a cover story someday in the American Journal of Aberrant Behavior.




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  1. Sean Morham
    Sean Morham 18 June, 2013, 11:07

    I don t mean this to mean, but look at the picture. Doesn t that really, really look like a rat? The choice role for a masquerade party would be easy for this dude, the smile is a welcome addition; without it the children
    (and some adults) would have nightmares.

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  2. jimmydeeoc
    jimmydeeoc 18 June, 2013, 12:07

    “He is so wrapped up in the idea that he is a good guy crusading for justice that he doesn’t think laws or ethical standards matter.”


    Deep down, in his heart of hearts, he is what he always has been – an “activist”. And wearing such a mantle puts him, and whatever cause d’jour he is championing – above such pedestrian concerns.

    A world view shared by another “activist” I can think of who currently occupies a large home on Pennsylvania Avenue, by the way.

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  3. Jon P
    Jon P 18 June, 2013, 12:15

    In my 60 years, I’ve never met a jerk, abuser, or bully who would own up to it. They’ve always seen themselves as highly noble, and motivated only by the highest ideals. I guess that’s how a snake manages to sleep at night.

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  4. Bart Mann
    Bart Mann 18 June, 2013, 12:50

    I think he looks like “Stitch” from the cartoon…. sounds like extorsion to me…

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  5. Joanne Busby
    Joanne Busby 18 June, 2013, 17:06

    This picture of Bob is so old, guess he thinks it makes him look better, but nothing can improve on plain old ugly

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  6. Ulysses Uhaul
    Ulysses Uhaul 18 June, 2013, 20:54

    San Diego is over……expensive……traffic…..seedy hotels…….scary downtown……

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