Union hack seeks OC supe seat

Steven Greenhut: Former Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, who recently got fired from his job at the OC district attorney’s office for alleged bad behavior, now wants to return to the Board of Supervisors. Granted, anything is better than letting him become DA, which is the position he desperately wants to hold.  Spitzer is a grand-stander and his critics fear that he would use the DA’s office to go after political foes, which is why there was a huge sigh of relief in many corners of the county after he was booted from his job. Spitzer is hard working and very smart and a pretty nice guy, but he epitomizes the unbridled ambition that is so dangerous in any politician. He is a wholly owned subsidiary of the law enforcement unions and someone who zealously pushed for expanded pensions on the board. His return will be a gift to the unions, but will mean unending headaches for OC taxpayers. Can’t any of these politicians ever get a real job in the private sector? Or is that asking too much for the power hungry?

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  1. Barbara Brooks
    Barbara Brooks 8 September, 2010, 22:39

    Todd Spitzer would do a lot of us a big favor if he would just get out of politics. We need to have a law where these people cannot keep a career going by continually running for office. Let them serve 4-6 years and that’s it. They won’t have to worry about lying to the public while working on their next campaign. They can do their job and get out. There needs to be about 3 years lapse time before they are able to run for another office.

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