Who Cares About Nannies?

Steven Greenhut: If only Meg Whitman were an actual human being, rather than a carefully crafted campaign machine surrounded by scores of advisers, she could have indignantly mocked the Jerry Brown/Gloria Allred cheap-shot October surprise regarding Whitman’s illegal nanny. Whitman didn’t do anything wrong, yet the Bee plastered this on the front page for two days and all the usual suspects are pretending that Whitman is a goner. Some Republicans are responding by pointing to similar illegal-immigrant situation with an aide to a Brown spokesman. So what?

“Let me get this straight,” said national political consultant Grant Gillham. “We’re deciding this race on Meg Whitman’s nanny. It’s going to be her or him. I don’t care who cleans her house.”

This obviously is a political game, aided and abetted by establishment media. It’s a story of course, but read how the Bee covered it. Allred is a huckster and a partisan.

Californians often are outraged by illegal immigration, but it’s common to hire people who are already here. I never checked on the immigration status of the immigrant laborers who have done work on my house and yard. We need reasonable immigration laws. Whatever the case, it is indeed idiotic for a state on the brink to allow a cheap political stunt to determine the governor’s race. Look at the problems we are facing.

I personally find Whitman to be an unappealing person and candidate. But who cares? This race is about who can best find a path out of the mire. The Nanny thing is ridiculous.

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  1. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 1 October, 2010, 11:36

    The fact that Allred was the face of the faux “scandal” instantly stripped the situation of any credibility before anyone even heard the announcment of what Meg did “wrong”.

    The last time anyone saw Allred, she was hunting down women who willingly slept with Tiger Woods and was parading them in front of the cameras in order to force a 7 figure payoff from Tiger.

    Allred is an immoral bottom feeder and is the poster child for what is wrong with the legal profession. The fact that she compared this illegal immigrant maid to “Rosa Parks” is just sickening.

    The fact that Jerry Brown surrounds himself with people like this should be one of many red flags to the voters of California. No wonder the rest of the country looks at California when they need a good laugh. What a mess.

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  2. CalGirl2
    CalGirl2 25 October, 2010, 09:19

    I did a google search on Nicky Diaz. She is in the process of suing Meg Whitman for “back wages”. The court case was supposed to be heard this week, but has been postponed to November 7th. After the elections? Of course, the Left is saying that Meg postponed it. Why hasn’t Nicky been deported? Why is Nicky (an illegal, undocumented worker) being allowed to sue a “citizen” of the United States? Is there someone here, who can explain that to me?

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