DMV May Investigate Whitman Nanny

OCT. 5, 2010


Gloria Allred may have opened a can of worms when she introduced Nicky Diaz Santillian, gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s housekeeper, who is apparently an illegal immigrant. Allred is already being accused of using a client for personal publicity purposes, instead of legally protecting the illegal housekeeper, as required by law. And now, law enforcement agencies are focusing on Santillian and her fraudulent documentation and identification.

One agency is the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which always investigates when someone is caught with a bogus California driver’s license. DMV insiders are asking if the DMV will do the same with Santillan?

Sources inside the DMV confirmed that it is standard operating procedure to investigate every falsified drivers license case for two reasons:

  1. It is illegal to acquire and use a fraudulent driver’s license, and
  2. A fraudulent driver’s license was acquired in an illegal way, and could have been facilitated by someone inside of the DMV.

One DMV insider said that the agency has successfully prosecuted both false driver’s license recipients and DMV employees, eventually landing the employees in jail.

Santillian is the illegal immigrant housekeeper/nanny, trotted out as an “October surprise” by fame-seeking lawyer Allred, in what is being described as a move to throw the gubernatorial election in the favor of Jerry Brown.

But no one is talking about how Santillian acquired her documents – a California driver’s license, and a Social Security card – that the employment agency Whitman used, accepted from Santillian, before placing her in the Whitman home.

An attorney within the DMV questioned whether DMV investigators will pursue Santillian’s case given the political implications. Another DMV source said that all DMV documents can be traced through the transactions within the DMV computer system, to the employee(s) who handled them.

And in any other circumstance, the source said the DMV would investigate and prosecute.

Last January DMV employee Karcius Duvel Jamison was arrested on 64 felony charges including, felony bribery for for waiving driving tests, bribes in issuing false California driver’s licenses, and driver license fraud.

Last May, four DMV employees were arrested on multiple counts of fraudulently processing driver licenses, and a “title-washing” scheme that involved several vehicles. Taneika Mashay Lathan, Shavon Renae Shorter, and Kimberly Nicole Sadler, employees at the department’s Los Angeles/Hope Street office, and Angelina Nanette James, who worked out of DMV’s Fullerton field office were all arrested and are currently being prosecuted. The DMV Internal Affairs Investigators, worked with California Highway Patrol investigators, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as well as a Homeland Security Division to make the arrests.

The documents released in the Santillian case include the Immigration department’s I-9 form, which Santillan presented along with her California driver’s license and Social Security number, to the employer for review. (The link to the documents worked Monday, and I saw her job applications, job and personal references, the California Driver’s License and Social Security card. Today the link is garbled).

On the I-9 form, (required by federal law for employment) Santillan entered her fraudulent Social Security number, and acknowledged by signing the form that “I am aware that federal law provides for imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or use of false documents in connection with the completion of this form.”

In addition, she attested, under penalty of perjury on the I-9 form, that she was “a Lawful Permanent Resident.” She also entered a false Alien Number as proof of lawful permanent residence in the United States. This indicates that she may also have had a fake “green card” which is a felony.

The Santillian case demonstrates that illegal immigrants have access to fraudulent documents, including bogus Social Security numbers, fake “green cards,” and fraudulent drivers licenses. It also confirms what law enforcement officials and the Center For Immigration Studies describe as a “don’t ask, don’t tell I-9 system,” which is one reason the DMV pursues fraudulent driver’s licenses so aggressively, according to DMV sources.

One DMV insider asked, “whether law enforcement authorities and immigration authorities will pursue Santillan for the felonies she has committed, or will they give her a total pass as they do with virtually all illegal aliens who commit job-related felonies?”

He also said that some law enforcement officials that he has spoken with are questioning the credibility of Santillan’s assertions that Whitman cheated and mistreated her, because she lied about her immigrant status to her employer for so many years.

The DMV has 42 investigation offices throughout the state inside of its fraud division, and investigate fraud within the department, as well as the recipients of fraudulently obtained drivers licenses.


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  1. larry 62
    larry 62 5 October, 2010, 09:46

    We need to learn how to do our own house keeping and lawn mowing, then all of these problems would go away.

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  2. S. Perry
    S. Perry 5 October, 2010, 10:42

    The implication that the DMV is going to refrain from investigating a possible issuer of the fraudulent license because of political circumstances is laughable. I’m sure they have many other fraudulent license issuers to pursue; an investigation of this possible issuer is the course of action that would be politically motivated. Of course, Santillan could have obtained a fake ID from somebody outside of the DMV who made it.

    That being said, this does nothing to change the fact that Whitman employed an undocumented worker. This story is insignificant.

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  3. DavidfromLosGatos
    DavidfromLosGatos 5 October, 2010, 10:44

    Gloria Allred using a client for publicity purposes??

    I’m shocked!

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  4. Tom Tanton
    Tom Tanton 5 October, 2010, 12:16

    As the chief law enforcement agent for the State, Jerry Brown is responsible for pursuing this case…will he or won’t he?

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  5. deborah compton
    deborah compton 6 October, 2010, 05:44

    Cut it out! Jerry Brown has been. Hunting for dirt on Whitman for months. Most likely, he used the influence
    of his position to acquire the knowledge. It is blackmail. Does
    CA want a blackmailer as Governor? I’d watch my back.

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  6. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 6 October, 2010, 07:57

    Amazing. All this whining and blaming Gloria Allred, Jerry Brown and the Tooth Fairy for Meg Whitman’s screw-up.
    Whatever happened to taking responsibility.

    The real tragedy is that the public is ignoring Whitman’s unbelievable response to question by a CSU honots student at last week’s debate:

    At Saturday’s gubernatorial debate in Fresno held by Univision, an unidentified and undocumented honors student at Fresno State asked a question about the DREAM Act that, I argued, offered the most important moment of the debate. Whereas Jerry Brown made a strong moral defense of all California’s children getting the chance to succeed in school and become citizens to contribute to our society, Whitman attacked the student and essentially told her she didn’t belong in school and was taking the place of a California citizen.

    Today the student has spoken out about the way her question was answered, in a press release from the California Young Democrats:

    In an anonymous statement provided to CYD the student said, “Ms. Whitman’s response made me feel undeserving of my academic success… until I realized that I was not admitted into universities because I was undocumented but because I was a hard-working student who maintained great grades, got myself involved, and did countless hours of community service. My education is the only thing I really have in this country, besides my friends and family, and I don’t understand why she would belittle my hard work and that of all other students in my situation. If Ms. Whitman cannot support young successful immigrants, how can she claim she will serve the Latino community?”
    This is a devastating response to Whitman. The student in question is a model to young Californians around the state, regardless of their background or immigration status. Every parent wishes they could have a child who has the kind of academic success this student has had.

    She should be the kind of person we build California’s future around. Instead, Meg Whitman believes this hardworking and successful young student should be kicked out of school, and probably kicked out of California. Whitman doesn’t see a successful student, she instead sees someone who can at best be exploited before being tossed aside.

    Whitman’s former housekeeper may be getting the media attention. But it is Whitman’s awful, dismissive attitude towards a successful young college student that ought to define the choices Californians face in this election.

    I stand with this student. I hope you do too.

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  7. Irving Schwartz
    Irving Schwartz 6 October, 2010, 20:51

    Dear stevefromsacto: In my opinion, Whitmans’s response was not unbelievable. She was correct. This “undocumented honors student” is not a “young successful immigrant”. She is an illegal alien. For want of a better word, a “wetback”. If they will break one law, not getting papers, what is to stop them from breaking more? All they have to do is go to the local Home Depot and buy a drivers license and social security card. Why she could probably get a job as a housekeeper with those papers. It is not “Whitman’s awful, dismissive attitude towards a successful young college student that ought to define the choices Californians face in this election”. It is the fact that we need to close the border, round up the illegals and ship them off. Just like Arizona. I would really like you to stand with this student. We could ship you off also.

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  8. Pedro
    Pedro 14 October, 2010, 16:36

    Hey stevefromsacto:

    No… I do “not stand with you,” and neither does most Americans. This “successful young college student” you speak of is an illegal invader who should have been arrested on the spot and scheduled for deportation. If she wants to go to college, she can go back to mexico and attend college in her rightful country of citizenship.

    I admire Whitman for sticking to her principals and telling this illegal invader she should not be here, as American colleges should be reserved for American citizens and those legally in this country. Not illegal invaders!

    If you have sympathy for a criminal illegal alien, then you can go stand with her in mexico. America is sick of these parasites, which have destroyed California and are working on the rest of the country, unless this issue is addressed.

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