Just dissolve Bell

John Seiler:

There’s a political and legal fight now over who or what will control the city of Bell, whose government is mired in corruption and mismanagement.

They should just dissolve it. Make Bell an example of what’s called “anarcho-capitalism.”  That is, just get rid of the government. No taxes, no services — no government that’s federal, state or local. Nothing.

How would people take care of themselves? They would make voluntary arrangements to pick up the trash, protect property, punish criminals, etc. Such voluntary arrangements already exist — for example, private security guards and gated communities.

So, turn all of Bell into a large gated community.

That way, the rest of us wouldn’t have to pay for anything, beginning with Robert Rizzo’s $30 million pension. We leave them alone. They leave us alone.

Oct. 14, 2010

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