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Political corruption again grabbing headlines in L.A.

After a brief lull in 2017, there’s now another embarrassing chapter in Los Angeles County’s emergence as an epicenter of American political corruption. Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar has been stripped of all his council committee assignments after having

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Los Angeles County plagued by local corruption

California doesn’t have nearly the reputation of, say, New Jersey or Maryland when it comes to a history of public corruption. Studies that measure corruption with metrics tend to give most corrupt honors to less populated, poorer southern states like

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More corruption emerges in southeast L.A. County

Yet another small city in southeastern Los Angeles County has found itself the focus of a corruption investigation. Thanks to a councilman named Valentin Amezquita, a Huntington Park scandal was uncovered in which a towing firm was allegedly allowed to

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Budget crisis upside: vindication of critiques of state Democrats

Sept. 14, 2012 By Chris Reed The budget battles of the past few years may have been aggravating, but they have also been full of moments of vindication for conservatives and libertarians who have long watched Sacramento operate with fury

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Just dissolve Bell

John Seiler: There’s a political and legal fight now over who or what will control the city of Bell, whose government is mired in corruption and mismanagement. They should just dissolve it. Make Bell an example of what’s called “anarcho-capitalism.”

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"$800K Man" a government hero

John Seiler: We all need heroes. People we can look up to as examples and for inspiration. Government workers now have a new hero: Robert Rizzo, who just resigned as city manager of tiny Bell after news reports revealed his

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