"$800K Man" a government hero

"$800K Man" a government hero

John Seiler:

We all need heroes. People we can look up to as examples and for inspiration.

Government workers now have a new hero: Robert Rizzo, who just resigned as city manager of tiny Bell after news reports revealed his salary was $787,637.00 and public outrage grew. He even was given the name of a superhero: The $800K Man. Maybe Hollywood will make a TV show out of it, like the 1970s classic, “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Now that he’s left his post, Rizzo becomes an even bigger superstar to government workers. That’s because his pension, guaranteed by taxpayers, could start out at $600,000.00 a year. Eventually it will rise above $1,000,000.00 a year, and its current worth is $30,000,000.00. All for loafing.

Sweet. And it’s all legal.

What an inspiration. You can bet the folks in government are in awe of their new hero. And that millions of youngsters, who might have started businesses and created jobs, instead will go into government work, aiming for a similar payoff.

Robert Rizzo. Government-class hero: better, richer.

For his TV show, “The 800K Man,” the producers could modify the intro to the 1970s show:

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