Defending PRI Study on Prop. 23

John Seiler:

The Pacific Research Institute,’s parent institute, earlier this month released a study showing that Prop. 23 would create 1.3 million jobs by 2020. It would do so by suspending, until unemployment dropped to 5.5% for a year, the anti-jobs AB 32.

The study is being questioned. The Sacramento Bee reported:

But [Ben] Zycher’s study makes a faulty causal link between rising energy prices and increased unemployment, said Jasmin Ansar, climate economist for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a strong supporter of AB 32.

Just because energy prices and the jobless rate are rising doesn’t mean that one is causing the other, she said.

“It’s like saying sales of ice cream go up at the same time as bikinis, and therefore one causes the other,” Ansar said.

That’s the wrong analogy. A correct one would be that ice cream prices rise at the same time as milk prices, therefore one causes the other.

Ansar said a more accurate economic study would look at the actual jobs being created or destroyed as a result of AB 32.

But we can’t do that yet, can we? AB 32 doesn’t start nuking jobs  until about 9 p.m. on November 2, when the election returns come in and show Prop. 23 failing — as will happen, alas — and the U-Haul trucks pull up in front of thousands of businesses across the state.

Oct. 24, 2010

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  1. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 24 October, 2010, 11:00

    Oh yeah, the Pacific Research Institute, the best “objective” analysis money can buy! You guys have no shame whatsoever.

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  2. John Seiler
    John Seiler 24 October, 2010, 20:49

    That’s the same link I had in my blog that you commented on. I even used the words “Sacramento Bee.” So you didn’t add anything.

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  3. Paul Taylor Examiner
    Paul Taylor Examiner 25 October, 2010, 07:44

    According to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, the November 2nd Prop. 23 ballot initiative to suspend California’s job-killing global warming law stands at 48% against Prop. 23 and 37% for Prop. 23. Now, only 10 days from the election, “yes on Prop. 23” TV ads are finally appearing.

    The “no on Prop. 23″ funders are spending $29.9 million — three times that of the “yes on Prop. 23” campaign. One-third of the anti-23 organizations have received over $2 million from billionaire George Soros’ Tides Foundation, and include the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy and other eco-groups. George Soros’ Tides Foundation is a slush fund for progressive (liberal) special interests — handing out over $100 million each year. Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron gave $1 million to stop Prop. 23. A new video from Greener Horizon Films shows Cameron as a “green hypocrite.”

    Soros affiliates dumped over $25 million for Pres. Obama’s election. Lately, Soros has pumped money into left wing media — $1 million to Media Matters, $1.8 million to NPR and deals with The Huffington Post for so-called “independent media” ventures. Soros bought Obama’s election, and directs Obama’s domestic policies through his Center for American Progress. And now, Soros is buying more influence in America’s liberal media.

    Before the economic recession, Californians blindly approved the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32) that mandates 2012 reductions of greenhouse gases through carbon taxes, and alternative and renewable fuel subsidies. All new climate laws increase the unit production costs and corresponding consumer prices of all goods and services.

    California voters can delay the California Global Warming Solutions Act (A.B. 32) by voting for Prop. 23. Prop. 23 would suspend implementation of A.B. 32 until the state’s unemployment rate is reduced from its current 12% to below 5.5%.

    What is clear in California is that partisan ideologies and cultish environmentalism have replaced prudent science and economic realities in climate policy. What is also clear is that radical environmentalism no longer offers any product or service in support of our future security and prosperity. Militant environmentalism and green-obsessed bureaucrats have become an “axis of antagonism” that we can no longer afford.

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  4. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 25 October, 2010, 10:33

    Steve, how come every time a study is mentioned, you just try to deflect from the truth? If they released a study that determined that a vast majority of people think puppies are cute, you would point to a study from the Cat Lovers Association that determines that a majority of people think kittens are cute. Not related, yet you rely on it to distract from anything that exposes fraud in your pet issues.

    No matter how many studies determine that California is losing businesses & jobs, you just point to some unrelated talking point to attempt to send the conversation down some warped rabbit hole that allows you to demonize “Big Oil” or “Greedy Capitalists”, all the while championing an overinflated overregulating government & job killing measures that are just “Token Gestures”.

    Despite the fact that there is definitive proof of businesses leaving the state (or going out of business) and taking jobs with them, because of overregulation & the anti-business climate of California, you act like there is absolutely no way that is possible and it must just be an illusion created by some “Right Wing” conspiracy. Then once you exhaust all of the “Big Oil Conspiracy” possibilities, rather than admitting that overzealous & misguided government organizations are strangling the life out of our economy, you just deflect and try to point at how California added 300 “Green Jobs” in the last month, ignoring the fact that 50,000 jobs were lost in the same time period.

    You never dispute the fact that CARB will use AB32 to kill of thousands of businesses, you just point to “sunshine & puppy dog” estimates from “Green” organizations that a few thousand “Green” jobs will be created. You ignore the fact that the “Green” jobs that are created will never replace the hundreds of thousands of real jobs that are going to be lost. You ignore the fact that almost all of those green jobs are subsidized by the taxpayers. You ignore the fact that other states & countries with a more business friendly environment and better incentives are trying to lure those same green businesses. You ignore the fact that a disturbing number of “Scientific” Studies that were used to cram these regulations down our throats have been exposed as either Embarrassingly innaccurate or just outright fraudulent(300%+ margin of error).

    Its frightening how you continue marching lock step despite so much fraud & unethical behavior by the people you defend & cover up for. Either you have a vested financial interest (Investments or a Paycheck)in the fraudulent actions of CARB, Maviglio, & Steyer or you have just overdosed on the Green Kool-aid. Either way, the willingness to abandon the last shred of ethics & morality in order to defend government corruption is not one of your most flattering qualities, although it may be a virtue in Sacramento.

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  5. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 29 October, 2010, 12:26

    Tylerliar, all your studies are Gospel, and all mine are just propaganda? What a load of crap. And you support Goldman Sachs, Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and their buddies and then have the nerve to talk about fraud and unethical behavior. You wouldn’t know real corruption if it bit you in the butt.

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  6. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 1 November, 2010, 13:07

    Aww how cute!!! Your warming up to me steveo. But here you go again trying to link people to hated criminals whenever they disagree with you,in order to deflect attention from your talking points. Your going to have to come up some new criminals though, because I didnt even know who those guys were until they got arrested, but good try though. Besides, those guys had shower curtains that cost more than my annual salary, so I definately had nothing to do with any of them. But nice try, Im glad to see that your persistant.

    And its shocking that you are throwing Ken Lay under the bus and trying to link him to me. He should be your God considering that he was the person who told Al Gore about Global Warming and told him to implement a “Cap & Trade” System in order to curb carbon emissions.

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  7. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 1 November, 2010, 16:36

    No, Tylerliar, I link these people to you because you support the kind of policies that allow them to flourish.

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  8. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 1 November, 2010, 18:59

    The nick name would work better if you just shorten it to “Tyliar”, the way your writing it just sounds like your trying to force it to much, I appriciate the effort though. Shocking, no denial on Ken Lay being the architect of your green solution though.

    So which policies do I support that allowed them to florish? Individual freedom? I suppose you just boil “Freedom” down to the greed of individuals & their fear of not getting in on a great investment? Last time I checked, noone held a gun to anyones head and made them sign money over to a crook, that was their own greed. What those people did was dispicable and intentionally played on one of man kinds worst traits. I do support letting people have the freedom of what to do with their money, and if they make bad decisions, that is their fault. If they trust the wrong people, that is their fault. If they do not properly research investments, that is their fault. You cannot strip people of the ability to make their own financial decisions in the name of “protection” just because some people made horrible decisions. And if your beloved bloated government agency, the SEC, was doing their jobs correctly, those people could have never committed the fraud that they did, so maybe you should question the competance of the government employees.

    Besides, the other option is letting politicians make all of the decisions, and we have all seen what a mess that has caused. The Ponzi scheme run by corrupt politicians is way bigger than Madoff could have ever dreamed of. Social Security is a prime example of what happens with that choice. Everyone is paying in trillions, the government is paying out the initial investors (although its only enough to survive on cat food & cheerios), and by the time we want what was promised to us there will be nothing left. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

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