Even Hollywood is fleeing Taxifornia

Aug. 15, 2012

By John Seiler

Hollywood’s leftist elite are big supporters of such causes as raising taxes and President Obama. The president is planning more events there in the fall to troll for campaign cash among the glitterati.

Despite their socialist preening, the Hollywood bigshots still like to make a buck. Which is why they’re fleeing California for states with fewer left-wing policies:

“The five broadcast television networks will be rolling out 23 new one-hour dramas for the upcoming season. That would normally be good business for Hollywood’s hometown industry — with bookings for soundstages and plenty of work for the costumers, camera operators and caterers needed to put a show on the air.

“But not this year. Just two of the 23 new fall and midseason shows will be shot in Los Angeles County, as cost-conscious producers seek tax-friendly production havens in New York, North Carolina, Georgia and other states….

“Fewer than 10% of new network dramas this season are based in Los Angeles, down from 50% in 2010 and nearly 80% in 2005.”

When rainy, snowy, cold, high-tax New York is a better place to produce a TV show than California, you know the business climate here is toxic.

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