New PPIC election Poll

Katy Grimes: A new poll just released by the Public Policy Institute of California of  2,002 people surveyed reports, “Jerry Brown leads Meg Whitman by 8 points in the governor’s race, Senator Barbara Boxer and challenger Carly Fiorina are locked in a close contest, support for Proposition 19, marijuana legalization, has dropped below 50 percent, and six in 10 Californians are worried about being able to pay their rent or mortgage.”

One question broke down the voter registrations of those surveyed: “Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party or Democratic Party?  23% Republican Party, 44 Democratic Party,  26 neither (volunteered), 7 don’t know.” A whopping 33 percent is the big unknown in this election, according to this poll! 

 The PPIC poll found that “likely voters favor Brown over Whitman by 8 points (44% Brown, 36% Whitman, 16% undecided). The two candidates were in a virtual tie in September (38% Whitman, 37% Brown, 18% undecided). The Senate race is tight (43% Boxer, 38% Fiorina, 13% undecided) among likely voters. Boxer held a 7-point lead in September (42% Boxer, 35% Fiorina, 17% undecided).”

Read the poll results, and send in your comments and thoughts to CalWatchdog. We’ll do our own poll on the poll.

OCT. 21, 2010

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