Hypocrite Arnold's Gas Guzzler

John Seiler:

A day after his seven-year tenure wrecking California, Arnold got a parking ticket. The link has pictures. Guess what he was driving? Surely it must be a Tesla electric car, which he touted earlier this year when it located its factory at the old GM/Toyota factory in Fremont? He said then:

What we are witnessing today is an historic example of California’s transition to a cleaner, greener and more prosperous future. We challenged auto companies to innovate, and both Tesla and Toyota stepped up in a big way, not only creating vehicles that reduce emissions and appeal to consumers but also boosting economic growth. Tesla, just a start-up company a few years ago, will soon employ Californians in green jobs on a large scale at the former NUMMI plant. In fact, Tesla’s founding and expansion in California is a direct result of our nation-leading policies that support demand for green products and the companies and people who produce them. I am thrilled with today’s announcement and can’t wait to see what this partnership brings next.

Nope. Today Arnold was driving a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Teutonic behemoth “car” so big it could hold a whole division of the Waffen SS.

According to Motor Trend, the G-Wagon gets just 11 mpg, highway or city. Most cars nowadays get close to 30 on highway. The gas guzzler costs $124,450, plus tax. The total would be about $150,000.

I don’t mind rich folks living well and driving great cars. If I had the dough, I’d buy a Ferrari-red Ferrari, like this one. But that’s just me.

And I don’t believe we’re “running out of oil.” So that’s not my objection. It’s the government that causes every phony energy “shortage” and “price increase,” as is happening now. (What’s really happening is that we have inflation because the Federal Reserve keeps debasing the dollar.)

My objection is that this fraud, this phony, this hypocrite has destroyed our economy by imposing the jobs-killing AB 32, which is supposed to cut greenhouse gases — while he personally spews out more greenhouse gases than a Krupp arms factory.

Soon, thanks to Arnold, we’ll all be taking mass transit or pulling rickshaws, while he tools around in his G-Wagon. Good riddance.

Jan. 4, 2011

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  1. David in Irvine
    David in Irvine 5 January, 2011, 12:33

    I hope the driveway in Al Gore’s new mansion in Montecito can accommodate the turning radius on this thing!! On the greenhouse gas reduction front, doesn’t the change in Sacto. mean that Susan Kennedy isn’t driving between Marin and Sacto. every day on the taxpayers’ dime? Does that count as a carbon offset for Arnold?

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  2. Erich K
    Erich K 5 January, 2011, 18:58

    You know, I’ve never heard anything as to “Ahnuld’s” intelectual ability. Maybe he’s just an ignoramous. Really no more than an “actor” he-man??

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