Pro-Tax Villines Slams Taxes

John Seiler:

I just got a mailer from from JobsPAC, a 527 organization, touting Republican Mike Villines, who’s running for insurance commissioner. The group reportedly is funded with insurance-industry money, from companies that don’t like Democratic opponent Dave Jones.

It pillories his opponent as: “Dave Jones — Just Another Tax and Spend Politician….A Career Politician Who Spends and Taxes Too Much…Largest Tax Hike in State History…Dave Jones voted to raise your taxes by $37 billion during the worst recession in a generation and with unemployment above 10%. Since Jones’s tax hike, California’s unemployment rate rose to 13%. Source: ABX3 3, 2009.”

But it was Villines who provided the key, Republican vote for that tax increase! As Assembly Republican leader, according to Wikipedia, “Villines’ leadership was key to the February 2009 Budget Deal…. He was recognized by members of both political parties for his willingness to pursue a bipartisan solution to rapidly expanding crisis despite the risk to his political career.”

His treachery to California taxpayers even won him the big-government John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, which is falsely named because JFK actually cut taxes.

In his sycophantic acceptance speech, Villines said of his sellout on taxes:

Most of us will reach a defining moment, where we gain a new level of understanding and learn a lot about ourselves….

For me, there was nothing more fiscally or socially irresponsible than inaction…especially when we knew the facts.

I was determined not to let California fail and to the best I could to solve the problem

And so I worked with Dave, Karen, Darrell and  Governor Schwarzenneger to craft a budget compromise.

It wasn’t easy.  Our budget was one that we all disliked.

But in the end, we believed it was practical, fair, and the only way to get California on the road to recovery.

It was not until I faced this moment that I learned a great deal about politics and myself.

I learned there can be a big difference between practical truth and ideological truth.

I gained a new understanding of what it means to make choices that are not black and white.

I learned that courage is taking the hard road even when there is an easy way out.

And I gained a real understanding of what politics should be – putting the interests of the people ahead of what’s easy or best for my career.

Of course, here we are 20 months after his tax-increase sellout, and there’s no “recovery” in sight. Unemployment still is more than 2 percentage points higher than the national average. And it has risen from 10.5 percent in February 2009, when the tax increase was passed because of Villines’ sellout, to 12.4 percent today.

And as to “courage” and “putting the interests of the people ahead of what’s easy or best for my career,” he’s now trying to lie his way into another government job.

Jones also is terrible. But he never advertised himself as something other than what he is: a tax-increasing socialist Democrat.

Villines’ sellout was so big that it almost cost him his GOP primary election against no-name Brian FitzGerald, who lost by just 16,436 votes.

Treachery needs to be punished. Let’s hope Villines loses on Nov. 2.

OCT. 21

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  1. stevefromsacto
    stevefromsacto 21 October, 2010, 15:36

    It is this “heads on a stick” attitude that is destroying our state. Politicians can no longer work together, cooperate and find common ground to move our state forward. That is the way government is supposed to work. But zealots on the Right like John (you’re not really one-half of John and Ken, are you?) and their counterparts on the Left make this impossible. Voting for one’s convictions in the face of such opposition is courage, not treachery.

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  2. Cali Lover
    Cali Lover 21 October, 2010, 20:07

    I agree!! This is horrible. We need to support Mike Villians on this. Forget about the past, lets look at the future. And as a Republican Insurance expert I tell you it is scarry to think of Jones as Insurrance Commish. Please, Vote for Mike, we need him in this all too important post.

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  3. Dan DaSilva
    Dan DaSilva 22 October, 2010, 21:29

    Right on John, Villines is the worst kind of weasel. Vote for the Democrat. At least we can get someone who is upfront about being pro tax raising and pro public union.

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  4. TaxedEnough
    TaxedEnough 25 October, 2010, 21:57

    Steve and Cali…. don’t you get it? Really?

    I will spell it out for you…
    “getting along” – we are not in pre-school here. There are still many, maybe a majority of politicians in CA who want to still raise taxes… on everything!! They can never get enough, of course they will postion it as someting we need, and someone else will pay for it. Do you want to get along with them? You are clearly not a leader of people.

    How many more businesses do you want to see leave Ca? I work with many medium and large businesses… they are moving jobs/actual businesses out of state/country because of the high cost to do business here.

    We need to vote for the Democrat to send a message to the republican party leaders… it is the only thing they understand and will act on.

    “Forget about the past”… dude, he sold you, I and the whole state of Ca out! And for what… the endorsement of Arnie!?!

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  5. greg hauenstein
    greg hauenstein 31 October, 2010, 00:20

    Why not leave the choice blank, Villians has left us nothing, so we should do the same. Yes this Jones will be an abomination but if we can’t find a trustworthy conservative candidate we shouln’t promote the destruction of the brand, think long term for once…Bush and Christ are what we will get forever if we don’t draw the line somewhere…although Bush looks like Regan next to Obama!!!

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