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Steve Poizner’s independent bid for state office finds traction

Is California now a deep blue state in which moderate conservatives no longer have a chance of victory in statewide elections? Or do such candidates still have hopes if they pass on the two-party system and run as independents apart

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Steve Poizner ditches GOP, will run as independent for insurance commissioner 

Steve Poizner is again running for the position of state insurance commissioner, but this time he’s leaving behind the Republican Party and running as an independent, in just the latest move illustrating the tough climate for the GOP in the

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Pro-Tax Villines Slams Taxes

John Seiler: I just got a mailer from from JobsPAC, a 527 organization, touting Republican Mike Villines, who’s running for insurance commissioner. The group reportedly is funded with insurance-industry money, from companies that don’t like Democratic opponent Dave Jones. It pillories

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