Book Exposé of Arnold

John Seiler:

Too bad we didn’t have this info back in 2003. Although I’ve suspected a lot of it all along — such as Frau Maria running the show — and have written about it right here on is running an interview with Ian Halperin, author of “The Governator: From Muscle Beach to His Quest for the White House, the Improbable Rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Some highlights of the Interview:

According to Halperin, It turns out that the Governor of California hates the Republican Party, and his wife Maria Shriver seems to be pulling all the strings. [Yet Republicans fawned over him during his two races for governor.–J.S.]

I found that others also really want to talk about how much Maria [Shriver, Arnold’s wife] controls things behind the scenes. That wasn’t a problem….

what I found out that was shocking was that he was actually selling steroids to other bodybuilders to make a profit. He was no fool. Every bodybuilder back then took steroids….

This guy has been a notorious sex addict, and finding women who’ll come out and admit to sleeping with him is like finding snow in Toronto in February. It ain’t too difficult.

Oct. 24, 2010

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