Soros Gets One Right

Steven Greenhut: Let’s hope George Soros’ late donation to the Prop. 19 campaign, which would legalize marijuana, does some good. It’s amazing how Democrats and self-styled liberals have been rallying against this. The statist Sacramento Bee has made this one of its big issues. And conservatives are nuts on this issue. They claim to champion freedom, but in reality modern conservatives — especially social conservatives — are only for freedom when it comes to things they like. They are against freedom when people want to behave in ways that they don’t approve of. And the moderates are bad, too. Everyone in the political establishment wants to control how everyone else lives. It’s devolved into a pure battle of power. Many opponents of Prop. 19 claim that they would be for it, except that the initiative is poorly written. That’s the ever-ready excuse of those who lack courage and principles. The Obama administration has vowed to crack down on California if our voters defy the federal authoritarians. Why exactly did we put a liberal administration into power — it’s no different than the previous conservative administration on most of everything?

OCT. 28

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